That Hollow Place

Broken, dry, sad,weary, frustrated, depressed, accused, beaten and so much more can describe this place. This place makes or breaks us and no one is exempted from it. I've been in some very hollow places in my life and even in recent times; it's emotionally draining and the testings are greater in that hollow place( well at least it appears so). I look at Joseph in the Bible, and I could imagine what his hollow place experience could have been (Genesis 37-40).

Joseph was sold into slavery by his envious brothers. He was the favourite son who wore the best outfit ever, only to become a nobody wearing scruffy slave clothes.He was bought by General Potiphar, who was in charge of the Pharaoh's palace army, and he did well as his slave.He learnt to read and write and became a trusted housekeeper in Potiphar's home.But Potiphar's wife fancied Joseph and tried to make him unfaithful to his master. Joseph knew it was the wrong thing to do. This was not what God wanted. He kept saying 'no' and Potiphar's wife grew more and more angry and eventually she accused him of trying to attack her. He believed his wife and became so angry that he had Joseph thrown into prison. Even though he seen as a Prisoner, Joseph was summoned to interpret the dreams of Potiphar and the Baker who was in Prison with Joseph. The Baker too, on his way out when he was released had a chance to say a good word for Joseph but forgot to; leaving Joseph another two tears in prison.

I can just picture the lack of trust, anger and resentment for people in general by Joseph. First his brothers then Potiphar and his wife and the baker. In reading this story in its entirety some things stood out to me:-

1. Our hollow place is not always our fault but God puts us there too. You end up in some situations and you wonder why but trust me when I say GOD IS UP TO SOMETHING.

2. In our hollow place God is still with us. Many times we are in that low place and we feel like God has forgotten us. Joseph was able to interpret the dream with the help of God. The grace of God was upon him hence he was favoured even in imprisonment. GOD REMAINS THE HIGHEST IN YOUR LOWEST.

3. What we do in our hollow place is important. Sometimes, in that place we make the most irresponsible decisions to pacify the current situation but may cause us a lifetime of issues. How we respond also determines how much we will grow. Joseph could have give in to his feelings and sleep with Potiphar's wife ...He could have cursed God for allowing what happened to him...He could have committed suicide and all humanly things we tend to do in our hollow place. But he held on to God.. And became ruler of the very people that hurt him. YOUR HOLLOW PLACE IS ALSO A PLACE OF PRESERVATION.

4.All things work together for your good. Joseph went through an unfair period but it was not to kill him but to bring him to a place of ruler ship.

5.Your hollow place is also a place of testing.

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