Fighting Your Goliaths

Life is unpredictable and so it takes a level of faith to live it. I remember growing up in a household where dreams became shattered by unexpected events; events that pushed me to a place of wanting to end my life at one point in time. Life threw some hard blows and I was knocked down so many times but never knocked out.I became a prisoner of my own self. My self-esteem was very low but I camouflaged it well behind my anger, depression and frustration. BUT GOD!!When Jesus Christ became the centre of my life things changed.

Being saved doesn’t mean you have it altogether; it simply means you understand that you are not in control of your life and you have given God all authority to do as He pleases while you to try adapt to the changes. While it isn’t an easy road to tread; it is not impossible. It was a battle for some years well and so each time things got tough I gave up and gave in. My old life seemed so easy to run to, but when you are hand-picked by God, your battles are so much more intense but in HIM you remain victorious.

Getting to know God in the most intimate way is painful. It is like a virgin having intercourse for the first time. However, after a while it became easier and less painful to a point of having climaxes of joy and overwhelming passion; I have become a better individual. So much so, I became pregnant with purpose and today you have witness the birth of such. When God directed me to write my book, the enemy used some of the people closest to me to discourage me. For nights I would have visitations in my room to one point where the Spirit of death came by to eat up my flesh. While it presented itself to be 'just the flu' I knew more was happening. Something I cannot tell any and everybody. I KNOW FOR SURE WITCHCRAFT IS VERY REAL JUST AS GOD IS REAL. Many nights into mornings I would write as the Holy Spirit led; the more I wrote the more I was attacked. I understand the purpose of this book and those that God wants to reach through it; I am just the vessel. Some will read only to say they have read it and now know the story of my life but I will like to put this out there, my past would never be used as ammunition against me for God has already nullified it.

I want to encourage you to run this race of success, knowing that your life was made different to others. We all run at different paces but it doesn’t mean we wouldn’t reach the finish line.

Additionally, know that your past does not define you. It is just what it is: the past. No past can live in the present nor can it reach your future. Your present is your transition mode and your future is your destination. Stories cannot be told if there aren’t any characters to make up the story. Stories play an important role in teaching; your story will teach someone. Learning can only take place if something is taught and nothing is really taught if it wasn’t experienced. Do not despise your dark moments for it is there the glory of God shines the brightest and in the silence of loneliness God speaks the loudest. Do not regret your past.

It is important to note that change begins with you. Get up and make a difference.

I have come to terms with the reality that pressure, hardship and torture must come for maturity to take place; there is pain in maturity. I have matured so much, given the Goliaths that came up against me. Some say I'm vain, while others watch and whisper, not knowing where my journey started. I’m a representation of God's amazing love and His grace. I'm nothing without my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

I live in the world I once dreamed of and I live every day with gratitude. I am comfortable in my own skin because it took a lot of work to fit into it and so I've grown to wear it well. I believe in my purpose and God's plan for my life and every mistake I've made, I say it’s a gift, a gift to live in my present. Wrapped up with so much of God's grace, I'm afraid to be unwrapped because without it I'm just a naked sinner. Rooted in my heart is a desire to know God more and to love him like never before.

Life didn’t dish out the best cards but I found the trump as a Queen hanging the Jack of the wicked and the unclean. Begged sometimes, then again played with confidence, sometimes I had a full hand of trump and sometimes none at all but played in silence. All in all, the dealer knew the game and so nothing remained the same. Each new game required a new strategy as I played against my flesh, my enemy. Restored.....Trump....I hung the Jack as a Queen. A perfect card game of ‘all fours’ is how I describe this journey: God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and Me.

The alarm clock of God’s grace wakes me up every morning. I encourage you to take charge of your day, claim what is yours and walk in the statutes of God the Father. Take back what the enemy has stolen from you; it doesn’t belong to him. It’s time to mash up his territory and cause his team of imps to scatter; this is only possible through God our Saviour.

God is my king and I'm his queen. As I build this empire, my legacy, I give God thanks. While I experienced seasons of lack emotionally, spiritually and financially, God remained constant as seasons changed and continue to change. Sometimes the tears would flow because where I am at this very moment is because of God. The extremes to which I would have gone- to get here is only due to God and his love. I'm pregnant with purpose and so are you. When God removes the lid there are no boundaries. Do not limit yourself: inside of you are great things and you are destined to win. I remember when all I looked at was my shortcomings and faults but when God gave me His eyes I saw a new me, full of great potential. See yourself how God sees you.

Today, I stand with Goliath's head in my hand and I can rejoice that Goliath is defeated. Shame was a major GOLIATH in my life but God conquered. To my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, I am nothing without you. To my sweet Holy Spirit thank you for the journey. To all of you, all the best in your endeavours and may you be encouraged to FIGHT YOUR GOLIATHS!!!

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