She groans because she can't speak and he understands her knowing that she's weak. Holding her belly as her face touches the ground; he listens to her every sound

She cries so much because of the pain she feels inside; so much to letgo, no longer can she hide. Torments from her past; wondering how long would it last.

Crippled with agony; too blind to see HIS glory.

Release me are the words in her mind; wishing that time could rewind.

Shut in and curled up on the floor,

She screams out because she couldn't take it anymore.

HE watched in silence and allowed her to carry on,

For HE knew that the healing process had begun.

She wrapped a white sheet over her; "make me spotless like this sheet"

She said it over and over like a CD on repeat.

She trembled as though she was in the snow,

But HE watched on still, watching the tears flow.

HE needed her to be bruised and broken,

For it was in her vulnerable state she would hear the words spoken.

She fell into a deep sleep; tired of carrying the load.

There HE started to download.

Loaded with a renewed mind, HE sits patiently for her to awake,

For HE knew the kind of worship she was about to partake.

Like a lady, she acknowledged his presence,

Submitted to him and gave him reverence.

Her past became a gift; as she opened the present.

It was necessary for who she had become at present.

Yearning for more of him; she sang a love song.

She cried, she smiled, and she laughed; she was becoming strong.

Out of her heart she pulled musical strings with an intimate chord;

Blown away by his words and loved Him now like never before; the beginning of the love story of the lady and her Lord.


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