The Dentist Visit

Today I had to face one of my greatest fears; visting the Dentist. I don't think anyone knows the extent to how much I fear the Dentist, well at least you know now. I woke up this morning in a panic mode and as the time grew closer I began to cold sweat. Boy was I afraid. This fear wasn't always there but it came about by a terrible experience I had before. So here I am walking to the Dentist literally praying and asking God to keep me calm. Eyes filled with water, my mind running thoughts of all the reason why things can go bad.

I finally arrived at the Dentist office and it was as if they were timinig me, I was called in as I arrived. Sitting on the chair, holding my stomach because the fear had me nauseous. I started to pray again. The Dentist walked in reclined my chair, told me to open my mouth and turned the light on. I knew I had some fillings to do, so here I am tears running down my cheeks. He said," ok I have to numb the gum for the filling". He pulled out the needle and I closed my eyes. In the split of a second I heard this voice so clear, 'Do you trust me?' I said yes Lord. The Dentist injected me and I had to wait awhile for the anesthetic to kick in. While waiting I was reminded of this prayer I have been praying for a long time which was 'Lord my desire is to trust you like Hezekiah did, so that your favour would follow me wherever I go'. Wow...Be careful of what you pray for!!!. The time came to start the filling, watching all the equipments really freaked me out but the questioned came again "Do you trust me?" I said yes Lord. In no time the dentist was finished, in shock I asked him, "Are you sure?" He said yes ma'am all three fillings are done. I DIDN'T FEEL A THING!!

What a relief!!! Tears in my eyes again just thanking God for being my comforter.HE then said to me, two things I thought you today, take note and learn from it;

1. Don't judge a present or future situation by a past experience.

2. The only way to get over fear is to face it, for I have not given you a Spirit of fear but of Power and a sound mind. Ponder on these things

So....I guess I would see the Dentist in six months time for my routine check up...I serve a mighty GOD!!!



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