The CEO's corner

Sitting at the passport office at the Brooklyn Public Library waiting for my number to call, a friendly young man said hello to me. He didn't look no more than twenty-five years of age. Saying hello was the intial start of our one hour conversation which was quite enlightening. As the conversation progressed we started to speak about business and owning such. He went on to talk about his life and being a high school drop out but desired being a businessman; mind you, if you heard him speak you would think that he went to a business school. He further stated that his desire for business grew when he was hustling on the streets of Brooklyn. I then asked him why didn't he go to school and learn business, his exact response was "school doesn't teach you the reality of running a business; the real teacher is experience". In my mind I was thinking," you never finished school so how would you know?"

Nevertheless, before going our seperate ways he dipped his hand into his pocket, pulled out a card and handed it to me; it was his business card. He then said to me, I am Mr. John Doe (the real name I wouldn't reveal) , CEO of 'John Doe Enterprise'. Before me was the CEO of a large ice factory that provides ice for local restaurants all over the United States. He started this business at the age of sixteen during the Summer time when the demand for ice was very high. He started off by providing ice for a very small diner. I was blown away. I then asked him what advice would he give to a young person that is desiring to own their business? His words were " the CEO of a company is not always the most educated but the most dedicated and committed; you have to take risks". Our conversation ended on that note.

I shared this because there is a misconception the only the educated people can become CEO's; not necessarily so.

From the CEO's corner.

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