'PRAY ABOUT IT'- Is this a Cliche'?

Pray your way out! Prayer is needed! Prayer answers all things! Prayer...Prayer...Prayer... So many times you would hear these sayings and in the midst of your storm it really has no impact. So much that it begins to sound like a broken record. For a while, I couldn't wrap my thoughts around this notion of praying for everything, when everything seems so crazy. It was already hard to speak to anyone concerning matters that confronted me, farless to speak when no one is physically there; they call it prayer.

How would prayer help me? Things don't seem to get better when I pray? Is this all just something good to say when someone is faced with issues?.....I know those thoughts oh too well, they took up residence in my mind for a long time. This changed until I met a Pschological Counselor. Very professional, knew the science of Psychology well, very articulate and patient. I took a few sessions with her and found that it started to work. After about my third session, I asked her what made her chose the field of work she was in.She then told me her story; boy did I think I had issues. I then proceeded to ask her about how she overcame her challenges, I guess you know what her response was: PRAYER!!! WHAT? A psychologist believed in what appeared to be a cliche' to me.

My mind started wandering as she peaked my interest a bit. As she proceeded with her story, she said on thing that stood out to me. Her words were, "How are you so sure that I can help you?" Huh!! Isn't she confident about what she can do? She then said to me, "when you come here all you do is speak and I listen; you pay me to do this, but prayer is free and your help is guranteed". Confused for a moment, I sat and thought about it; the reality is there was a being that was greater that she was; GOD.

I then began to visit her a little more often, not so much for her counseling but she became my prayer partner. I've come to realize that I overcame my struggles and I continue to overcome them through PRAYER.......Is

Ray of Light

it a cliche'? NO; Its a remedy to keep your sanity. God is amazing, he uses even the counselor to get his message across. PRAY WITHOUT CEASING, THIS BLOG IS A TESTIMONY!!!!


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