Sitting at the table- Things you should know when Dining


Many of us go out to dinner at the most fancy restaurants and we are clueless as it relates to Hospitality Standards; mainly Dining Etiquette. Let your table manners speak volumes to the people around you. Here are a few things you should know:

Do’s and Don’ts of Dining

General Etiquette

  •  Turn off cell phones and beepers

  •  Have proper posture

  •  Keep elbows off the table

  •  Do not apply makeup or comb your hair at the table


  •  Remember never to hold a utensil in a fist

  •  Do not talk with your utensils

  •  Set the utensils on your plate, not the table, when you are not using them

  •  Do not use both hands simultaneously to hold utensils and cup

Eating Styles

  • Continental or European style: cutting the food with the right hand and using the left hand to hold the food while cutting and when eating.

  • American style: cutting the food with the right hand and holding the food with the left, then switching hands to eat with the right hand.


  •  Use your napkin frequently

  •  Do not use your napkin as a tissue

  •  If you have to sneeze, turn your head away from the table

While Eating

  •  Wait for everyone to get their meal before starting yours

  •  Don’t talk with your mouth full

  •  Don’t chomp ice

  •  Take small bites

  •  Cut your salad into bite size pieces if necessary

  •  Try to pace yourself to finish at the same time as everyone else

  •  If you leave the table, excuse yourself and place your napkin on your seat

  •  When you are finished eating, place your napkin neatly to the left of your plate, but do not push your place setting away from you

Helpful Hints

  • Break your bread/rolls and butter each piece individually

  • Gently stir your soup to cool it instead of blowing on it

  • Spoon your soup away from you

  • If something undesirable is in your mouth, discreetly remove it with your fork

  • If you have any problems with the meal, quietly bring it to the waiter’s attention

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