What defines your beauty?

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Make up, clothes, shoes, body shape, voice tone, posture and everything else physical are usually used when defining one's beauty. I have seen so many people tarnish their beauty because of the misconception of what it is. It's amazing how we box in true beauty based on what the eyes can see physically, but really, have you looked at the character behind it?

Character is so important when it comes to defining beauty. Its an INTERNAL thing. Outward appearance is limited. Some of the most beautiful people do not necessarily match up to the false attributes of beauty, however their character is OUTSTANDING. When I look at the way the world is today, every where you turn you see at least one out of five women with implanted boobs, butts and constructed faces. It's sad, especially when you hear them say it makes them feel beautiful. I wish that more time would have been spent on working or constructing character traits such as intergrity, honesty and other traits that is needed for a better society today.

I have been invovled in Social work for sometime now and when it comes to mentoring both male and female, great emphasis is placed on Personal Development. If you are not passionate about it you can become quite weary, simply because there are so much people out there living with a false concept of beauty. Inside most of them are the most caring, loving, honest and reliable people, but their self esteem has been so low because of what they define beauty to be; as such they consider themselves ugly.

My question to you is, does beauty define your character or does character define your beauty?


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