Dreams are told when you wake up to tell it!!!

A dream remains a dream if you continue to sleep. The only way you can share your dreams is by waking up and relating it. Many times we dream of great things and we sleep on it, using petty excuses such as 'I don't have the money', 'I don't know the right people', 'The resources are limited' etc. THESE ARE ALL EXCUSES. The mere fact that you dreamt it, the mere fact that that dream is fueled by passion, there is no limit to making it a reality.

I have seen so many people living in unhappiness for so long because they are existing in the dream of others. Many go to work on a daily basis with a lack of enthusiasm, no drive and cries on the inside. Its as if you can cut them open and see the attempted murder of so many dreams that refuse to die because passion fuels their existence; imagine trying to kill something and it just wouldn't die. Unfortunately, they remain on the inside causing, frustration, depression, aggravation and mediocrity to exist; a remedy to insanity.

For years I stifled my dreams and did odd jobs because I had to live. But I wasn't living, I just existed. My happiness was gone and work became a nightmare. The genius inside of me became dormant and midnights caught me crying for better. But really, who was stopping me? Yes, ME!! We become our own enemies and have all these pity parties that just don't help.

What dream is living on the inside of you? Why are you not getting up? WAKE UP!!! There is room for you in this universe. Find your space and remove the void; God didn't create you by coincidence. Stop the petty excuses, remove the laziness and invest the time you would have invested in the dream of someone else's. We live in a technology stage where everything can be viral. Make your dream a reality and make it viral. Start living; a dream is just a dream if you don't WAKE UP!!


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